Be A Secret Shopper!

Secret Shopping


I know you’ve heard of this before, right? You can call them Mystery Shoppers, Secret Shoppers, Quality Control Consultants, Customer Service Evaluators, or Service Checkers. Whatever name you choose, they all do the same thing.

What exactly is a Mystery Shopper?

Well, basically, it’s a person who poses as a completely ordinary customer, but while shopping takes mental detailed notes about specific products, store cleanliness, or employees. The goal of a Mystery Shopper is to improve the quality of service, and in return get higher sales for that company.

Now, the Mystery Shopper will have to fill out a very detailed form after they complete the shop and send it to the Mystery Shopping company that assigned them the job.

I had no idea this was a legit job!

To be completely honest with you, I have heard of this sort of thing, but I didn’t realize you could actually do it for a living.

Now, with that being said you are an independent contractor, so you and you alone are responsible for searching out jobs, keeping track of records, taxes, and all other things that go with being a contractor.

I am excited to say that I am now an actual Secret Shopper. That’s right! I can give you first-hand details on how exactly it works. There are a lot of things I can’t share, however, because being a shopper means you cannot EVER disclose any details on where you are going, when you will be there, or what you said in your report. All of that is confidential and if you are ever caught disclosing details, you will be dismissed from the Secret Shopper community, and it’s likely you won’t be given jobs afterward, and in most cases, you will not be paid for that job.

A great way to make extra money…

If you are a stay at home mom looking to make some extra income on the side, or if you are wanting to make a consistent income, being a Mystery Shopper gives you that flexibility. Yes, you will have deadlines, and in some cases, you might be able to bring your kids, but keep in mind you have to always be professional, and observant. If your kids are anything like mine, it’s hard to focus on anything but them when we are out in public.

I found an awesome resource for learning more about Mystery Shopping. Her name is Bethany, and I purchased her books and am so grateful I did. Because of her, I feel prepared and ready to start being a shopper. Note: this link does include an affiliate, and I will be paid a small % if you purchase this book from this link. Thanks.


If you have any questions, or perhaps want to join some of the mystery companies I work for, just email me or find me on social media! I am always glad to help.

Good Luck my friends and happy shopping!

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Make money with your special talents!

Make money with your special talents!

Do you have a special talent? It could be anything that makes you unique! Want to know how you can make money using your skills?
Today I am going to show you some bizarre but real people that actually make a living doing crazy things. People will pay you to dive in your pool or sing happy birthday in an odd way, and I even saw one that said they would curse the person you hate at work for $5. Think I’m joking? Nope!

Looking for some unique work at home jobs? I have the answers!

Want to know more? Keep reading! There is a website called Fiverr. Maybe you have heard of it, but if you haven’t you’re about to have your mind blown. The description was taken from Fiverr website: Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name FIVERR. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide.

Okay, now that you know what Fiverr is exactly, you can start thinking of your own talents, or freelance jobs that you could offer on this site as well. The good news is that everything is rated PG, at least from what I’ve seen. There are a lot of categories, some are ridiculous and funny, while others are very professional, like writing a resume for someone, or doing voice-over work. The possibilities are endless with this website, and I highly recommend you try it out. I have written resumes on here before and it turned out great. You make your own price but the recommended amount is $5 per task depending on what you’re offering.

When you go to the website you will see categories that help you decide on what job you’d like to do or perform. They are as followed:
• Graphics & Design
• Digital Marketing
• Writing & Translation
• Video & Animation
• Music & Audio
• Programming & Tech
• Business
• Fun & Lifestyle.

The fun and lifestyle one is where you will find all the crazy things I listed above, plus much more. I will also be offering my services on here very soon. I’m creating a mentoring program where I can help you dig deep into what your passions are, and help you find a remote job that will work for your unique needs. I’ll let you know when this program is finished!

Take a look around, I bet you will be entertained for hours. At least I was when I first discovered this site. Go have some fun and get creative! Think outside of the box and go make some extra money! Click here to go to the website FIVERR

Disclaimer I love this site so much, that have signed up as an affiliate for Fiverr, so if you click on any of the links, I will receive a small profit.

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Want to make money by captioning movies?

I have had so many people say to me that work at home jobs are not real. That they are all scams and you can’t earn a living doing them. I know there are so many false hopes out there, but this is the reason I have started this blog, my podcast, and my youtube channel to help encourage you that I am living proof you can find real work at home jobs.

If you like to write and watch movies, then the job I am highlighting today might be a perfect fit for you. A while ago I worked for a company called Rev. This is an amazing company that allows you to work from home. They have great customer service and will be there to answer any questions you might have.

What is Rev? Blurb has taken from – Rev is a marketplace for remote work made up of a large network of 12,000 freelancers (aka Revvers) that provide services to our 100,000+ customers around the world including companies like Amazon, Google, Buzzfeed and more. Our goal is to create 100,000 work-from-home jobs by 2020, and we are looking for ambitious professionals to help us get there.

In a nutshell companies, or individuals will go to the Rev website and get their videos, movies, sermons, and many other things transcribed. For this job, you don’t need any previous experience, although having good grammar and typing skills is a huge help!

When I worked with Rev I applied for the captioner position because I love to watch videos and movies, so I thought this would be a great way to make money doing something I enjoyed. The one downfall with captioning is getting the timing right on the videos. When I first started out this was a struggle and did take me a lot of time to get done with one video. However, the more you do, the better you will get.

Anytime you start something new, give yourself learning time. You won’t be making a lot right out of the gate. Practice makes perfect.

As of today’s date (1/12/2018), this is their job openings and pay scale.

This is a job I have personally worked for, I did get paid and it is a REAL work at home job, that you can do on your time. The amount you make depends on how much you want to work. So, if you need to make more money, then you will need to dedicate more time to it!

Here is the information, and if they ask where you heard about them, please refer them to my blog (I am not being paid to advertise for Rev, this is from my own experiences). Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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