Creative Breaks are sometimes needed!

Today’s post is going to be a little different. I want to encourage you, if you’re doing a project and start to feel a little lost, overwhelmed, confused, or at a standstill, to take a creative break.

That’s not to say to get lazy or be away from your project too long, because that can have a negative effect on your end goal. What I’m saying is take a breather once in a while. Take time for yourself. Take some e-courses to get your creative juices flowing.

Invest in yourself.

Once you get a new outlook, you can come back to your project or business and start again. As an entrepreneur, I feel it’s vital to not get burnt out too quickly. We tend to eat, sleep, breath our new goals. This is good, don’t get me wrong. You need to become obsessed with your new goals to make them a reality, however, I caution you to take breaks. To allow yourself downtime, and invest in yourself.

I just need ME time!

I am the first to admit that I’m so bad about this. I go all in, pedal to the metal, and when I don’t see any progress right away I get upset and feel unaccomplished. I have to remind myself to step away for a few days when I start feeling this way, give myself some time off from that particular thing, and work on something else. Watch some of my favorite Netflix shows, get my nails done, etc. I just need ME time!

Stop and smell the roses…

Don’t be afraid to step away. I promise the momentum will still be there, just don’t take too long of a break, because then it’s harder to start where you left off. You will feel ready and rejuvenated after you stop and smell the roses. Go outside, let the fresh air hit you, and enjoy nature. Do something with your kids, and just have fun. We get so caught up in work, work, work, that we forget to have some fun along the way!

Creative Juices Flowing Again

This is exactly what I am going to be doing. I am taking a creative break for a few weeks. I will be back, I promise, but in order to provide good content, I feel the need to give myself some time away from the WAHM Club. Just for a little while, so I can get my creative juices flowing again.
You can still reach me on all my social media handles.

Thanks for all your support, and I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, check out my podcast Audio Blog as well as WAHM Radio for updates on the happenings of my life!

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