This is a little off the cuff of my normal post, but I wanted to share something with you, that has been vital to building my brand.
Anytime you embark on building your own business, you need to get your voice heard. The way to do that is social media. However, you can’t stop there.

One of the biggest and best tools I’ve used to get my name out there has been by podcasting. When you get a podcast that starts to build engagement, I think it ranks you higher on so many levels.

Because of my podcast, I’ve been able to connect with people all over the world. As a matter of fact, I sent Girl Scout cookies to one of my listens in Ireland. I live in Florida, so this was pretty awesome.  I’ve spoken to many people from the UK and done interviews with people thousands of miles away. In all honestly podcasting is an amazing way to connect with people on a deeper level, from all walks of life.

There is something about the voice that creates a deeper level of comfort. More so than video, or text.
I wrote a blog post on this subject when Ileane Smith who is very big in the podcasting community, came on my WAHM RADIO show.

Today, I want to teach you how you can also build some great relationships by using a free podcasting app. It’s called Anchor.
You download the app from your phone’s play store and create your station. I have two stations and would love for you to check them out sometime. My first station is my Audio Blog, called Sheena Diane’s Audio Blog. This is where you join me on my day to day activities as a work at home mom with three kids. My second station is my professional station called WAHM Radio. This is where I give you all the tips and tricks on balancing daily life as you work from home, and also give you places to find real work at home jobs!

I’ve made many connections on these two channels. I’ve tried other podcasting platforms, but I always come back to Anchor. The reason being, is the social aspects are amazing. Your listeners can call you to comment on your segments, and also, they really seem to be more engaged with my content.

Once you create your station name and set up your account, now it’s time to start broadcasting to the world. I will warn you though, it get’s pretty addicting.


Learn to listen first.

Now, one of the biggest difference between Anchor, and some of the other platforms is to get engagement, you first have to be engaged with them. Meaning, if you just get on record your segment and close the app, you are not going to get many listens. You have to first listen to others. This does not mean just call into as many stations as possible to promote yours. The people of Anchor are very passionate, and as a matter of fact, we call ourselves the Anchor family. In order to get listeners, you must first learn to listen! Once you start building those relationships, you will see the numbers go up and creating content becomes exciting, because now you know people are actually listening and will call in to comment and interact with you.


Getting your personal domain name

Now that we covered how to get listeners on Anchor, let’s move on to getting yourself a personal URL. I have used Go Daddy for all of my website domain names. They have the best customer service by far. Anytime I’ve had a question, they are always very patient, and walk me through the issue.

Here is an example of my husband’s podcast URL. His channel is called Gator Johnny’s AudioPhile. So, I purchased the domain name


A free way to set up web hosting for your podcast

If you only want your URL to be for your podcast then I have a simple and free way to set it up. However, if you want to do more with your site, and make it more of a blog, or informational website then you can message me for more info on that. Instagram or Facebook are the best places to reach me for questions.

If you’re here because you want a way to host your website for free, while promoting your FREE podcast, then this is for you! You can get a .com for as low as $9.99, depending on where you buy it. Go ahead and purchase that domain name without any other bells and whistles. Just buy the domain for one year at first. You can decide to renew it later. You also have the option to get a .info for even less money, so really, it’s up to you. As long as you can get the name you want the .com, net, info, or us, does not really matter.

You have your domain name, now what? Normally you’d have to buy hosting. It cost anywhere from $100 to $200 for the year. If you’re not really making money with your podcast yet, then this can really seem like a lot of money to drop.  Here is the solution. With Anchor, you have a domain name. For the sake of this example, we are going to use my husband’s podcast URL. 

I purchased the name I wanted, forwarded it to the Anchor address with masking, and now you can visit my husband’s podcast by going to Gator Johnny . com.


Video Tutorial purchasing your domain, and forwarding it to Anchor podcast.

Here is my video tutorial to guide you through it. I use Go Daddy, but the process should be similar no matter what domain site you purchase your name from.

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