Do you own a service-based business, where you sell your services to other people or companies? Then this post is for you.

Here are some pointers on how to be a little more tactful and earn business.

  1. If you are sending private messages to people or companies on social media you want to make sure you are friendly and ask questions.   Example:  Start a conversation. Get to know the person. Hi Sheena, my name is Daniel. I am a graphic designer and came across your website.
  2. Always start with a compliment… I love what you’re doing with the pearls and wanted you to know everything looks great…
  3. Then come in with your company details. I design logos and wanted to know if you’d take a look at some of my work… open-ended question…
  4. Never sell, always persuade. Depending on the answer you could say, great here is a link to my website, or say no problem but if you know anyone looking for a logo or need any services in the future please keep me in mind… This keeps you in a friendlier light and does not come off pushy or degrading the companies work. 

Do not message them with something like this:

Hello Sheena,  My name is Daniel a Business Consultant. I was looking at your website Mommy Boutique and found out that the logo is way too outdated and does not look very professional at all.  If you are interested I can give you 2 logo concepts to choose from totally free
The above example comes off pushy and rude and does not tell me anything about the person. Furthermore, it definitely does not make me want to do business with this person because, in all honesty, they just said my logo looked like crap! Ouch. No business owner wants to hear that!
The 1st example is way more tactful and more likely to get a return response. The 2nd example comes off pushy and arrogant. 
Now that we worked on the right and wrong way to send a message,  let’s talk about your social media presence.  Today your online entity is pretty much your resume. Let’s be honest, when you message someone, the first thing they do is click on your profile. This is even more true with companies or business owners. If you message me and your profile is empty with just a profile picture, I will not give you my business.
Before you ever choose to message a company to sell your services you have to have a strong online presence. Your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and any other platform you use has to have your information listed on it.
You would not go into an interview wearing PJ pants and slippers… No, you would want to look professional for your 1st impression. Well, you have to think of your online presence in the same way. Each time you message someone they are looking at your online resume (your social media pages)! If you have no photos, no info, no activity on your pages, then that tells me/them you are new and don’t have any experience. However, if I see you have information, a portfolio, and some activity I am more likely to work with you, even if I’m your 1st customer. You are building my trust by letting me see who you are.
Nowadays your online presence is everything. Companies almost never ask for paper applications anymore, and if you are selling a service you have to make sure your online identity is solid before asking people to pay for your services.
I would love to give you more pointers by offering you some mentoring sessions! If that seems like something you might need, feel free to check out my packages.

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