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Sheena Diane offers 1 on 1 consultations & mentoring sessions to help you find your passions, meet your future goals, and find the work at home job you desire!

Beginner WAHM

 Beginner WAHM

$25 per month 

 You’ll get access to: 

  • One on one consultations monthly 
  • Step by step strategy to find jobs
  • Goals for getting the jobs you want
  • Advice on the right jobs for your needs
  • Exclusive locked content

Intermediate WAHM

Intermediate WAHM

$50 per month · 

  You’ll get access to:

  • Advice on balancing work at home life
  • One on one consultations monthly 
  • Monthly brain storming sessions on chat
  • Guidance to find online jobs
  • Steps to finding the right job to fit your lifestyle
  • Exclusive locked content. 


Advanced WAHM

Advanced WAHM

$75 per month 

With this reward: 

  • Monthly coaching sessions
  • Guidance to find your passions
  • Time management tips  
  • Help with finding remote jobs
  • Interview prep for virtual jobs
  • Google Hangout exclusive video chats
  • Exclusive locked content



My name is Sheena Diane, and I’ve been a work at home mom for 10 years. After struggling to find remote jobs, I decided I would take my knowledge and share it with you so that you can work from home too! 

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey and I can’t wait to get to know you. Let’s help each other grow and inspire!

Need EXCLUSIVE Mentoring?

Exclusive Mentoring

$150 per month 

  • All the above rewards plus: 
  • Live video chats monthly (or as needed)
  • One on one coaching (as needed)
  • Personalized mentoring sessions
  • Discounts on my e-courses and books. 

Exclusive Coaching

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Work from your own home, make an income with your business goals. Find your passions so you know what jobs will make you happy. 

Do it all from the comfort of a virtual location. 

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